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Workers Compensation Fraud by Employees Gets Lots of Press while Fraud by Employers Costs Big Money

We see regular media reports of employees filing false workers compensation claims, collecting benefits while their Facebook page shows them partying the night away and other actions inconsistent with legitimate disability. Unfortunately, those cases do happen, but it’s not just employees who are trying to work the system. Employers do...

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Do Undocumented Workers Qualify for Workers Compensation?

Immigration reform and enforcement of immigration laws have become a political hot topic, especially in light of Arizona’s enactment of several laws aimed at getting more undocumented residents to leave the state. In North Carolina, that debate hasn’t impacted the state’s workers’ compensation laws. Under §97-2 of the state’s Workers’...

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If You Are Collecting Workers Compensation Benefits and Are Out of Work, You May be Out of Luck

If you were laid off but are collecting workers compensation benefits, expect those payments to come under scrutiny. The state Appeals Court recently issued a decision (Medlin v. Weaver Cooke Construction) that could possibly result in the loss of those benefits. Claude Medlin worked as a project manager and estimator...

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More Than Just Friends and Family on Social Media

Social media has become incredibly popular. Facebook has anywhere from 889.3 million to 1.11 billion monthly active users. Twitter has nearly 555 million active, registered users. Chances are good that you are using some form of social media. If you are seeking, or currently collecting, workers compensation benefits, or involved...

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