How long will it take to start receiving Social Security Disability payments?

The period of time it takes for you to start receiving your Social Security Disability payments will depend on whether your initial application for benefits is approved or denied. After you file your initial application for Social Security Disability, it usually takes three (3) to (5) months for the Disability Determination Services to make a decision regarding your claim. In some situations, Disability Determination Services may need more information regarding your medical condition in order to process your claim and the agency may refer to you, at its expense, to a doctor or psychologist for further examination or testing.

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for people to be approved for disability benefits. According to the Social Security Administration’s statistics, seven (7) out of ten (10) initial applications for disability are denied.

Most claimants file the initial application for disability without the assistance of an attorney. Therefore, we recommend retaining the services of a Social Security disability attorney immediately upon receiving notification that your initial application for disability has been denied. If you reside in Asheville or Western North Carolina, please call the Law Office of David Gantt at 828-348-4107 or toll-free at 866-707-5355 as soon as your claim is denied. We offer free consultations and contingent attorney’s fees. Timing is of the utmost importance since you will have sixty (60) days from the time that your initial application is denied to file an application for reconsideration. During the reconsideration process, you will have the opportunity to submit additional medical records or other information in support of your claim.

If your application for disability is denied the second time, then you may file a request for hearing in which your case may be heard before an administrative trial judge.

From the time you file your initial application for Social Security Disability, it may take three (3) years or more for you to start receiving your disability payments.